Emerging into the experience of teaching. A workshop.

When I go into teaching a workshop I have all this information that I want to express. I have to submerge myself and pick out the main route to try to get my ideas and my principles to a point where my students can understand it, dissect it, and make it their own. Like Alka-Seltzer dissolving in water.
To do that I need my students to interact with me. I want to hear what they think, how they feel, and that gives me more information of how to express the information that I’m trying to relate to them. I don’t want students to become cookie cutter teachers.
I wanted them to become their own scientists of yoga, using their intellect, history, and their own perspective how to work.
That interaction of chemistry empowers the student to explore through their own body, and their student’s bodies. This gives me a deeper understanding of the human body through the eyes of yoga.
This makes me, I believe, a better teacher, a better presenter. I’m noticing it’s making me want to do more workshops. I sit and I play with the ideas or concepts on the physical level. 
As a dyslexic Black man, I tend to learn in the physical, what I get through my body, to the intellectual way to express it. I feel like I’m beginning to understand the difference. The physical I own. intellectual, I share. To embody the intellectual experience for me does not have words. It has sensation, it has movement, it has breath and it has unknown.
The intellectual pulls from all of those resources of history, to make sense to the students. Through the inner play, and time, I begin to synthesize that embodied information, and make it palatable to yoga teacher‘s coming to a workshop for a people of size.
~ Michael Hayes