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What is the Buddha Body Online Membership?

Buddha Body Yoga was created for people of size, big people like myself.

My vision is that by joining the online membership we’ll address together those moments in life like when you try to get out of a cab or a car and you struggle.

Moments when you are picking your keys up from the floor and it’s a challenge.

Moments when your Hip, knees, feet hurt.

Moments when you are walking down the street wobbling from side to side rather than walking straight through.

Moments when you want to become intimate and you haven’t got the flexibility to do that.

These are some of the moments we address in the Buddha Body Yoga Online Membership.  

People who practice Buddha Body Yoga experience

That suddenly your feet  are not falling asleep as frequent as they used to.

That your head is floating over your body rather than falling forward.

Your friends notice that you are standing taller and ask you, how come?

Your stamina is like never before and you feel like you want to move more.

You feel lighter even though you haven’t lost weight.


The tools that are ready in the Buddha Body Yoga Online Membership

  • Buddha Body Yoga Method classes
  • Invitation to Livestream classes
  • Videos for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students tailored for people of size
  • Personal contact with Buddha Body Yoga founder Michael Hayes via email and phone
  • Access to Archive of video classes

Join now!

  • Practicing Yoga may seem too foreign to some, others don’t believe that it’s for them. They can be caught up in this vicious cycle of not doing anything because they are not feeling good, which in turn makes them not feel good, because they are doing nothing.

For those of you who do believe, those who know that it’s mobility that matters, you who understand there is no better time than now to join. 

  • Monthly Membership $35 
  • Annual Membership $275
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