Celebrate the Solstice with Yoga

Beginning June 21st, Michael Hayes (Founder of Buddha Body Yoga) will lead 5-minutes of short and sweet rounds of Sun Salutations every day for 20 days. 

With just five minutes a day, our Sun Salutations challenge will help you get back into the habit of rolling out your mat daily to give yourself the self-care and love that comes with a daily yoga practice. By the end of this challenge, you will feel better in the mornings and more empowered to continue your yoga journey this fall!

This challenge is FREE for all members and only a small investment of $35 for non-members. 

The Challenge begins June 21,2023.
Will you join us? 

Daily Videos You will receive an email each day with the 5 minute sun salutation video enclosed. Simply click on the video and follow along. 
Timing is up to you!  You can watch the video anytime during the day, whatever works best for you and your schedule. I prefer to start my day with sun salutations. Others prefer to do it at night, as a wind-down in preparation for sleep. Play around and find what’s right for you. Celebratory Livestream class  We will celebrate completing the challenge with a special livestream class Sunday, July 16 at 9:00am ET. No matter how far along the challenge you get, it is a victory, so please join in celebrating our community intention of doing Sun Salutations together.  You will receive the login details in an email before the start of class.