Teacher Training Level I

Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga to People of Size

Buddha Body Yoga’s teacher training will change your perspective and address your concerns about teaching Yoga to people of size. You will learn about the challenges facing people of size in traditional Yoga classes. You will begin to understand how to work with larger bodies and think creatively about modifications of traditional asana for people of size.

Buddha Body Yoga erases the myth that big bodies don’t do Yoga. Plus-size bodies can be strong and flexible, with a different base of weight distribution. Come discover how to assist larger-bodied students to develop and empower their Yoga practice.


Participants will learn how to:

Adjust, modify, and adapt Yoga poses for students of all sizes and shapes.

Experiment with supportive gear—including bolsters, chairs, pillows, oversize blocks, and Yoga straps—to improve alignment, balance, and flexibility gradually.

Think outside the box so that you can give your students a whole new experience of their bodies, a deeper connection with themselves, and a stronger Yoga practice.

Tuesdays in JANUARY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 
 10am – 2pm



Certification and Continuing Education Credits
Yoga Alliance 20 CEUs will be available