We host special workshops for students and teachers in New York City, and as guests at other yoga studios around the country. 

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These insightful 1 hour intensive workshops will focus on specific elements of yoga to improve your body mind consciousness and movement.

October 24, 11:00am ET
This workshop will focus on BLOCKS and a CHAIR and the benefits of using them to increase balance and flexibility for overall body health. 

** Times are displayed in your local time zone **

Spend a weekend in Boston with Buddha Body Yoga!

Yoga designed for people of size. Suitable for all levels.

Imagine the following:

*moving through the world with more confidence
*having an easier time going up and down stairs
*getting into cabs more easily
*making choices that work for you instead of others’ expectations of you.

This focus of this two day workshop will be to create a safe, personalized yoga practice you can do at home. Having your own practice can help you

>> build trust between mind and body
>> strengthen self-confidence
>> improve intimacy with self and others

You’ll receive the tools you require to practice in a safe, healthy and productive way while increasing your capacity to enjoy moving through the world with more confidence and self-compassion.

There will be PLENTY of time built in for questions, discussion and exploration and time to go outside in a beautiful natural setting. 

Workshop Postponed!

This workshop has been postponed. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about updates for this and all of our upcoming events.