Two hour workshops for Yoga teachers and students of size

Fundamentals III – VIIII

As a Yoga teacher, your continuing education in “Buddha Body Yoga Fundamentals” guides you into becoming able Yoga leaders and teachers of large-bodied people.

As the student, you will be able to practice in an accessible, supported environment with a unique opportunity for insight into how Yoga Teachers work.

Fundamentals III // February 21 // Sandbags

You will need two sandbags for this class. 
Take a look at our Recommended Props page for Michael’s preferred sandbags 

This workshop will be conducted over Zoom. No technical knowledge or special equipment is needed. Just click on the link we send you in an email an hour before your session and view on your favorite device.

Workshop 3: Work with Sandbags

February 21, 9am – 11am

Using the weight of sandbags in yoga is an effective approach to releasing the fasciae to increase the mobility of the body.

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin.

Using sandbags is a great yoga restorative experience practice. The weight of the sandbags and gravity allow for the body’s fascial mobility, changing usual holding patterns within the body.  This leads to engagement in consensual relaxation across the full range of movement creating new patterns and increased mobility.

This Buddha Body workshop is on the basics of how to use the sandbags with leverage to explore your holding patterns. This gives you more options on how to use weight in movement and the knowledge of how it makes up everyday movement.

Buddha Body Yoga is a way to find the alignment within yoga for people of size. Though this class is for teachers, anyone can attend. These classes are primarily for people of size.


Workshop 4: Work with Blocks

March 21, 9am – 11am

Workshop 5: Work with Bolsters

April 18, 9am – 11am

Workshop 6: Work with Foam Rollers

May 16, 9am – 11am

Workshop 7: Work with Straps

June 13, 9am – 11am

Workshop 8: Work one Chair

July 18, 9am – 11am

Workshop 9: Work with Two Chairs

August 22, 9am – 11am